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24 Oct

Bus Driver

Bus driver is a game published by SCS Software. While it is not a training game for students learning to drive it is a great way for students to learn about following traffic signals and signs while driving. Bus Driver is set in a 3D world, and players must drive the bus keeping to a schedule and following all traffic laws. This game helps students practice the whole range of driving, which can often be stressful to new drivers. The game allows students to learn about following traffic laws, watching out for other drivers and staying on the road. This game should not be expected to teach students how to drive, but rather used as a safe practice method.

Driver’s Education 98

Driver’s Education 98 is published by Dynamix and Sierra. This game is designed to help students learn all aspects of driving in a fun and safe way. Driver’s Education 98 is set up like real driving lessons. This makes the game a perfect companion to a student currently in driver’s education. When the game was first released, the company was confident that any student who went through and played the entire game would be able to pass his written driving test. A driving wheel complete with pedals adds to the realism of this game. Driver’s Education 98 is one of the most realistic driving games available for students. Since it is an older game it can only be purchased online.

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Realistic Driver Education Games. Realistic Driver Education Games. Realistic driving games are not as easy to find as they have been in.

Realistic driving games are not as easy to find as they have been in the past. Many of. Car Racing Video Games.

Fun Drivers Education Games. Drivers education classes are a valuable resource for beginning drivers. During these courses, students are taught driving laws.

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Game developer SCS Software presents Bus Driver Gold, a 3D bus driving simulation game with realistic graphics. According to the game's official.

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