Credit recovery the education 2020 program

21 Dec

What is the educational program known as E2020?

About EDUCATION 2020

Student Need

EDUCATION 2020’s Virtual Classroom solutions have proven effective at facilitating enhanced achievement for disadvantaged, at-risk, medically challenged and dropout students as well as enabling “behind-the-curve” and accelerated students to learn at their own pace, recover credits and achieve academic success.

Designed for students in grades 6-12, EDUCATION 2020 offers your school a core and intervention program that gets students on the right academic track. For students in need of obtaining credits for core instruction or for credit recovery, or students requiring additional instructional intervention to achieve mastery on state examinations, EDUCATION 2020 instructional programs give students the added flexibility of completing their course work anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Individual Education Program

EDUCATION 2020 supports special education and special needs students in several ways to supplement the child’s Individual Education Program (IEP). Through the use of our technology, students have a means to access curriculum for the purpose of credit recovery, tutoring, content review, enhanced study, and remediation.

Credit Recovery

The EDUCATION 2020 program enables a student to recover one or many credits in a manner flexible to the needs of the school as well as the student. The administrator may assign credit recovery work ranging from a section missed or failed by a student up to an including the entire course. The flexibility of our program enables this credit recovery to begin at any time during the school year which can be critical for student advancement to the next grade level or graduation. The EDUCATION 2020 program is also an ideal delivery method of summer school instruction, enabling a limited number of administrators to offer credit recovery in a wide number of subjects.

Tutoring, Content Review, and Advanced Study

If a student is in need of tutoring or enhanced study, each EDUCATION 2020 class is a plethora of information ready to access. Each EDUCATION 2020 class is a “real” class with a teacher following an instructional format similar to that in a live classroom, except it is virtual and available 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. It offers students their own individualized instructor to review any aspect of any class such as Biology, Algebra, English 9, World History, or any other class at the time of the student’s choosing. Once assigned by the school for this purpose, the student can go in and review any portion of that class with the teacher providing instruction over specific content aligned to the state standards along with other educational enhancement activities such as internet assignments, workbook activities, and other tutorial programs. Each student can seek help in understanding a concept without the concern of ridicule or comments by other students.

Enrichment / Reinforcement

Enrichment can occur through the EDUCATION 2020 program in two ways. The first is enrichment internal to our program. The second is for students in need of specific areas of intensive intervention per their standard class load in school.

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