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21 Dec

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‘Adventures in. Sex City’

Sex education games targeting kids may help them develop strong values regarding sexual behavior. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) hopes as much, funding development of a video game aimed at teaching sex negotiation and refusal skills to kids ages 9 to 14. Another organization using sex education games to reach out to kids, the London-Middlesex Health Unit, created the “Adventures in. Sex City” game. Accessible at the Health Unit’s official site, the game features cartoon superheroes fighting the evil Sperminator, who tries infecting citizens with various sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs and STIs, respectively). Players choose one of four “Sex Squad” superhero characters and answer sex-related questions. For each correct question, players deflect the STI-ridden sperm back to the Sperminator, who loses power from his power meter with each hit. If players answer enough questions correctly, they cure the Sperminator of his STI and he rejoins the Sex Squad.

‘Contraception: The Board Game’

‘The Sex Ed Game’

Kids try filling every piece of their “pie” in Iser Games’ “The Sex Ed Game,” available as a free trial download at the CNet site. After choosing the number of players, kids click on one of four possible answers for each question; correct answers earn players points and pieces to their “Trivial Pursuit”-looking pie, while incorrect answers cost players points. The game ends when each piece of a player’s “pie” fills in.


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