Defining inclusive education there is no universally

19 Jan

What is inclusive education?

This page will help you if:

  • you are new to the concept of inclusive, learner-friendly education
  • you are looking for a brief explanation to help you get started with your research or planning a project
  • you are not sure where to start your search of the resource collection .

This page will not tell you everything you need to know, so please use this as a starting point for further reading.

Defining inclusive education

There is no universally agreed understanding of inclusive education, as you will discover if you read any selection of documents from the resource collection .

EENET’s definition of inclusive education was developed during a participatory seminar with education practitioners from around the world, held in Agra, India in 1998. This definition has since been used and adapted by a number of organisations and governments. You will, nevertheless, find various other definitions being used. No single definition is totally right or wrong. In fact it can sometimes be helpful to combine elements of the different definitions to best suit your own situation or country.

The brief explanation given in the table below shows how EENET interprets the concept, based on our knowledge of the inclusive education work and debates that are happening around the world.

Inclusive education is.

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