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22 Jan

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The lessons about leadership learned in the crucible of the backcountry environment. unpredictable, challenging, and dynamic. map to today’s business environment.

A systematic review has analysed existing studies and concluded that there are benefits to mental and physical well-being from taking exercise in the natural environment.

Abstract of the Keynote Address to the Annual Conference of the camping Association of Victoria, 25 June 1993. It draws on research that addresses the question of how camps nurture positive attitudes and skills and caring social behaviour in young people.

Two-thirds of youngsters aged between 8 and 15 have never been camping

This session explored ways to approach program evaluation in the context of outdoor education and related group-based experiential programs.

Participants in walkable neighbourhoods maintained their weight (as expected), while those who chose locations based on proximity to outdoor recreation opportunities (surprisingly) gained weight.

This 45-minute keynote summarises and reviews outdoor education theory to date and then proposes a dynamic model to synthesise the main theoretical elements.

The inaugural Outdoor Education Week aims to raise public awareness of the how Outdoor Education helps individuals learn about themselves, the people in the groups with whom they work and about the environment that they are spending their time in.

Risk taking probably bestowed a crucial evolutionary advantage, inciting the fighting and foraging of the hunter-gatherer.

5 neuroscientists go on a rafting trip in order to study the brain.

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