A degree in early childhood education trains

26 Feb

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Physical Education Teacher

Physical education teachers usually work in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. The job of a physical education teacher is to plan physical education curriculum for students and teach them how to lead healthy lifestyles. This includes teaching students how to play sports and educating them about healthy eating decisions, according to Education Portal. Physical education teachers who work with younger children usually implement games like jump rope and dodge ball to get children moving. Physical education teachers who work in high schools and middle schools use more traditional sports like basketball and soccer. Some physical education teachers specialize in teaching children with disabilities, according to Career Planner.

Personal Sports Trainer

A personal sports trainer coaches one athlete at a time instead of coaching an entire team. The majority of personal sports trainers focus on coaching one specific sport they have expertise in. For example, if an individual with a physical education degree played tennis in college, she would most likely be a personal tennis coach.

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