Plugging in choosing and using educational

28 Apr

Supporting Materials

  • Quick Key 5 – Understanding the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001: English Proficiency helps educators in schools and districts understand the basics of what NCLB means for their English proficiency programs.

compiled by NCREL’s Resource Center.

  • To the Point provides short essays and resources for overcoming common obstacles to technology integration.

  • Taking Stock: What Does the Research Say About Technology’s Impact on Education? provides interviews that address educational technology issues, views from supportors and critics, and resources for learning more about the research.

  • Universal Service Funding (E-Rate) information is available on the Schools and Libraries Web Site with details about how schools can take advantage of the Telecommunications Act.

  • The Learning With Technology Profile Tool is a computer program intended to help educators think carefully about their practice in the areas of engaged learning and technology. The program presents indicators of engaged learning and indicators of technology. For each indicator there are three choices that educators can compare to their own practice. When finished, educators can view the results in a graphical format to help identify their strengths and weaknesses. The Learning With Technology Profile Tool is available as a downloadable computer program or on the World Wide Web.

  • Learning With Technology Course Resources. from the Learning With Technology Participant’s Manual and Facilitator’s Guide, are integral parts of the LWT course. A number of these may be useful when incorporated strategically in the design of professional development programs that focus on student learning.

  • Plugging In: Choosing and Using Educational Technology. This EdTalk publication describes how to make the best use of technology. The only real measure of the effectiveness of technologies and technology-enhanced educational programs is the extent to which they promote and support students’ engaged learning and collaboration.

  • Learning Through Technology: A Planning and Implementation Guide helps educators and community members work through the stages needed to develop a comprehensive learning and technology plan. Learning Through Technology was created through a partnership between the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), the North Central Educational Laboratory (NCREL) and the Midwest Mathematics and Science Consortium (MSC) located at NCREL. The efforts of 15 ISBE Technology Demonstration sites are highlighted.

  • Building the 21st Century School helps schools develop a comprehensive technology plan and provides detailed information on design, wiring, equipment, and physical infrastructure modifications necessary for implementing technology within a school.

  • The Captured Wisdom CD-ROM Library presents teachers who are making meaningful and creative uses of technology in their instruction.

    Additional Resources

    Although NCREL takes care in selecting other Internet sites to which it links or points, such selection does not imply endorsement by NCREL, its partners, or funding agents.

    Full text of 1993 report published by the U.S. Department of Education discusses types of educational technologies, support for student learning activities and teacher functions, the effect of technology on student achievement, and implementation strategies.

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