It is also intended to provide the instructional

24 May

Pennsylvania Safety Guide

This Safety Guide is intended to alert technology education teachers, teacher educators, school administrators and technology education supervisors to the importance of a strong safety program. It is also intended to provide the instructional resources for instituting safety instruction in the public schools, for the in-service training of technology education teachers and for the education of undergraduates in the teacher education programs of Pennsylvania.

  1. What is Technology Education?

Technology Education is the means by which we teach students the Technology and Engineering components of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education which is found in the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Science and Technology. Technology Education is a body of knowledge separate from but related to the sciences, with Specific Programs Guidelines (Technology Education K-12 ) and certification requirements (CSPG 65 – Technology Education ). It should also be understood that Technology Education offers unique opportunities to give relevance to numerous academic content areas.

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