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24 Aug

PhD in Education and Human Development

Welcome to the PhD in Education and Human Development Program at the Graduate School of Education, George Mason University. The PhD in Education degree is specifically for professional practitioners in education, including those in public or private schools, community or government agencies, professional associations, and other education-related settings. Like other education doctorates, this degree program includes study and practice of educational and counseling research as well as study and application of theory and practice in the fields of education and counseling.

This program provides an advanced professional education designed:

  • To improve knowledge and skills useful in current or planned educational and counseling roles, and
  • To improve the ability to analyze current social, economic, political, and ethical issues and concerns in their relationship to various educational and community situations and activities.

Our doctoral program is individualized, interdisciplinary, and experiential. Students, with the guidance of faculty advisors, plan their own programs to meet self-defined goals. To accomplish these goals, students engage in a variety of intensive courses, independent studies, seminars, and internships of a highly practical nature. Success in the program requires a high degree of personal initiative, self-directed learning, and commitment to inquiry as a style of personal and professional growth.

For additional information about the PhD in Education and Human Development program please see the video .

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