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31 Aug

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So you chose a different path and did not become a teacher. Now you are considering all of your options and wonder if there is a classroom full of students waiting for you. Well I have some great news. you are not alone! Read more.

Since you are reading this right now, it tells me you have some level of Internet savvy to get here. Was it work for you, or does being online seem comfortable or natural? If you have a “virtual” life online, why not seriously consider completing your Master’ degree in Education through a college or university distance education program? Read more.

If you have already selected the graduate school to which you plan to apply, congratulations. Now we need to talk about getting you admitted to the graduate school of your choice. One large hurdle you will need to prepare for is the Graduate Records Exam, known as the GRE. Read more.

A recent nationwide survey profiles more than half of all graduate students are between the ages of 24-35. More than one-third of all graduate students are also raising children. And a large number of graduate students are doing all of this while holding down a full-time job! Sounds daunting, eh? Well, I know it can be done, because I did it myself. Read more.

You have probably already noticed that there a dozens of choices when pursuing a Master’s degree in Education. In fact, there are so many different options, you might find it challenging to decide on the right one for you. Take the time to look carefully before you begin, since graduate level coursework rarely transfers from one institution to another. Read more.

This website is maintained by Kim Wood, a full-time secondary educational consultant. Kim has 30+ years of experience as an educator and consultant. Read more.

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