Such policies are created following reviews

17 Nov

Education Policy

All educational organisations maintain a body of policies be they administrative, teaching, human resource, legal or some other type. Combined, they help create the effective operation of educational institutions and the effectiveness of the learning which occurs in them.

Such policies are created following reviews of existing processes and procedures and usually following different levels of research. In many cases, people have opportunities for input prior to final deliberations. International information is also becoming more widely accessible and used. Most major policies follow reports from reviews and related research.

Most reports, research data and policies are now easily accessible either online or in a format that is able to be downloaded.

This page looks at education policy sources in all states & territories, state & territory specific reviews and reports and further information.

The Second Page looks at special reviews, reports and other documentation from a national perspective. These may be used in policy development in Australia, provide insights into, or linkages with, similar concerns and possible solutions in other countries. Information is also provided about the educational policies of a range of political parties in Australia .

States & Territories

Australian Capital Territory

This opens to their Policies. Their August 2013 New ! Annual Policy Conference indicates updates to a number of these.

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