The masses have been provided with a plethora

17 Dec

American Education Services

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AES has not only grown exponentially with reference to the financial offerings that it provides to various segments of the market, but also in terms of the leadership and management abilities of the organization. The leaders and directors of AES have revolutionized the very institute of education and learning. The masses have been provided with a plethora of service offerings that cater to the demands and financial needs of different communities and people. The different schemes and policies are all focused on developing new and innovative ways to further ease the financial burdens of students and borrowers.

The AES has recently changed an extensive array of policies to decrease the churn and the overall pressures associated with being a personal lender. The change in policy is also due to the change in policy of their parent company PHEAA – Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency. The PHEAA has recently decided to temporarily suspend their ownership and rights as an official lender in the Federal Family Educational Loan Program (FFELP). There are several important loans that come under the jurisdiction of the FFELP namely Stafford, Parent PLUS, Graduate PLUS, and Consolidation loans. One of the major milestones of AES for the next coming years is to grow the lender list for this particular program.

The cases that are with the AES currently will remain as is. But moving forward, the policies will be implemented to all new and upcoming service offerings. AES will be an organization that will keep on playing its role in the overall development of the students and families that thrive for education excellence.

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