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24 Apr

London – The Greatest City in the World

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Our Program

Partnering with a range of first class companies & NGOS, our London internship program offers comprehensive personal and professional development. We offer top internships across all sectors.

“ The history. The beauty. The majesty. London is a city at the forefront of the globe. A city of many faces. A city of ambition. For centuries London has attracted the best and brightest from all over the world. “

“ The history. The beauty. The majesty. London is a city at the forefront of the globe. A city of many faces. A city of ambition. For centuries London has attracted the best and brightest from all over the world. “

In today’s competitive global economy, international internship experience is a valuable addition to any resume. Working abroad shows an independent attitude, a clear drive to succeed and an impressive cultural sensitivity. Interning in London offers applicants an amazing opportunity to gain vital work experience and industry exposure, develop extensive networks and experience the best of what London has to offer.

Due to the exclusivity of our partner companies it must be noted that these internship opportunities are selective.

The London internship program provides you with all the stability and support necessary to ensure that your experience is fruitful and rewarding. Quality accommodation, all your travel in London, cultural & social events, mentoring and 24/7 full-time local support are all included along with your London internship.

Apply now and gain a major head start with our London internship program.


In the 21st century London finds itself the headquarters to many of the world’s most important companies. The largest city in Europe and by far its biggest economy. A mesmerizing mix of culture, architecture, global cuisine, fashion, nightlife and business. This is a city that has it all!

Stand on Millennium Bridge at night and see the skyscrapers of the City of London, set against the backdrop of St Paul’s Cathedral. Walk the streets of Westminster where the politicians battle one another in the Houses of Parliament, just next-door from Buckingham Palace.

Internship Program

All people enrolled on The Intern Group programs automatically benefit from a host of unique advantages.

In addition to a first class internship placement and quality housing. our London internship program provides you with the following :

All your transportation in London. We provide you with a pre-loaded transportation card for the entire duration of your stay, giving you free and unlimited use of London’s metro system, buses and trains! All your transportation in London is thus taken care of.

Great support from our full-time local team with local expertise, from start to finish. Our London full-time team are all experts on London and are incredibly proud of the city – they want to show you why! They will organize your airport-pick up when you arrive in London, greet you at your accommodation and provide a thorough welcome-orientation to help you settle in to this great city and feel at ease! During the welcome orientation you will receive a welcome package with your pre-loaded London transportation card, known as an Oyster Card, inside. You will be shown how to use public transportation and how to arrive at your workplace, ready for your first day!

An active international community in London where weekday/weekend activities are constantly planned. At all times of the year we have large numbers of talented participants on our programs from all over the world. You will immediately become part of an international community, providing you with friends and networks to last a life time!

A full calendar of social and cultural events! Our full-time local team in London know the city inside out and will show you the best of it! The London internship program includes the following events, free of charge for all participants:

Afternoon Tea Service. Afternoon Tea in London is an institution. You will enjoy some of the finest tea in the world, along with exquisite pastries, at one of the most exclusive venues in the city of London.

London Eye & River Cruise’. Spend the afternoon seing the sights of London! First, from the famous London Eye where you will get a full 360 degree view of the city. Afterwards enjoy a relaxing cruise along the Thames with fun city facts along the way!

A West End Theater Night. London’s theater scene is ranked amongst the very best in the world. You will enjoy a first class evening at a top play or musical such as Chicago or Phantom of the Opera.

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