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21 Sep


Don't have a Bachelors Degree?


  • Leave State field blank, select Undergraduate in the Program Type area
  • Click Submit to see the listing of all undergraduate level programs
  • Bachelors Degree Holder?


  • Click on Accredited Programs (in the brown heading stripe)
  • Leave State field blank, select Entry Level Masters in the Program Type area
  • Click Submit to see the listing of all entry level masters programs
  • Already hold the ATC credential?

    www.caate.net .

    Admissions information: For questions about admission to an accredited program, contact the program director at the individual college or university.

    www.nata.org/members1/gov_affairs/stateregboards.cfm (requires members-only login) to check the regulatory act in states where you may wish to practice. Verifying the requirements in advance is important because in some cases you cannot start your first day on the job until you have met the stipulated qualifications.

    Certification: For certification information, go to www.bocatc.org or contact staff@bocatc.org or call 877.BOC.EXAM.

    www.nata.org/students .

    Maintaining Your Credential

    The BOC Recertification Requirements outline the requirements to maintain your BOC certification. The requirements include information about completing the continuing education (CE) requirements, meeting the emergency cardiac care (ECC) requirements, submitting the BOC certification fee and adhering to the BOC Standards of Professional Practice.

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