Now some are using the controversy to educate

25 Aug

Word Origin & History

Example Sentences for educate

Trekking and information centers educate tourists and villagers alike.

Now some are using the controversy to educate the public about the realities of older adoption.

The lucky few whose parents can afford to educate them privately gain good exam results and sail into university.

They will practice some safety steps and will make signs to educate other kids and adults about these precautions.

We are committed to presenting exhibits that will entertain and educate our local community and visitors from around the world.

Their worlds are inventive, tell a great story or aim to educate .

They will make posters to educate coastal residents and visitors about human impacts on marine life.

Cyber and non-wired citizens must continually educate and inform government policy makers.

Great societies could no longer educate only the chosen few.

It is small but with big ambitions, both to educate and to delight.

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