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22 Nov

Sociology Internships

Internships are offered in the Department of Sociology each semester (fall, spring, and summer). Before enrolling in an internship there are a few procedures that must be followed. These include:

1) Meeting the prerequisites:

  • Sociology majors: Soci– Intro to Sociology;
  • Soci 4053 – Sociological Theory;
  • Soci 4000 – Research methods

2) Please consult the internship coordinator.

3) The internship course can be taken for three (3) credit hours (entails working 150 intern hours for the semester) or six (6) hours of credit (entails working 300 hours for the semester).

4) Locate an internship site. May consult the blue internship notebook located in the office manager’s office during business hours (8:30 – 4:40pm).

5) The only way to register for the internship course is to take the necessary approval form to the registrar’s office. You cannot register on Banweb!

6) See our Internships Coordinator, Neema Noori, Ph.D. for general requirements

To access the Internship manual, click here .

Students can also fulfill their senior seminar course requirement by taking an internship capstone. For the capstone manual, click here .

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