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23 Sep

Department of Justice

The U.S. Department of Justice offers paid and unpaid internships in numerous areas, such as its criminal division, its National Security Division and its office of legal policy, according to the official website. Often interns work in the role of a clerk. Within these divisions, interns can gain an inside perspective on how policy is formed, and they may even aid in forming policy to some extent by researching, analyzing and preparing materials, according to the website. Students may also intern in their state department of justice or district court in a similar capacity.

Public Interest Group

A law student might intern with a nonprofit or special interest group. With an organization like this, he can learn how to interpret policy relevant to that group’s interests and to speak up for that group’s interests if policies unfairly ignore them. For example, the student could intern with the Sierra Club, researching an issue and preparing summaries as well as briefings, according to the Sierra Club. Interns may also accompany staff to visits with Congress or other politicians, as interns with special interest groups often do, according to the website.

International Internship

Some students go abroad for their legal internship. The International Criminal Court at the Hague, the Netherlands, offers internships, and so does the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) and numerous other international organizations, according to the American Society of International Law website (ASIL). Interns can learn about international policy and gain experience working with multicultural groups, says the website. Interns can also help with development of legal systems or policies within particular countries through programs like the Special Court for Sierra Leone, according to ASIL.

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