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29 Sep

Careers in Educational Leadership

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Roles of Educational Leaders

Those in educational leadership roles work to improve the effectiveness of schools or educational programming. They might work on team building efforts with the staff. They might restructure institutions’ organization for more efficiency. Educational leaders might also get involved with policy development on the local, state and national levels and be active in education reform issues.

Careers at the College or University Level

Careers at the Elementary or Secondary Level

At the elementary and secondary level, educational leaders are employed by private schools, larger public schools or school administrative bodies as principals, assistant principals, headmasters, deans, athletic directors or lead teachers. They might hire teachers and manage staff and prepare budgets, as well as set the standards for approving curriculum and set schoolwide policy and standards.

Other Careers in Educational Leadership

Outside of traditional educational institutions, educational leaders might find roles with advocacy groups or nonprofit organizations creating educational policy and reforming educational systems. Or they might find employment in the business sector as corporate trainers, helping staff to improve skills and work with greater efficiency.

Training for Educational Leadership Careers

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