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15 Feb

Summer Internship

The New York Times offers 10-week summer internships to undergraduate and graduate college students who have decided on careers in journalism. Some internships are limited to seniors or graduate students; others also accept juniors. Applicants must be authorized to work in the U.S.

The Times began the program in 1984. In its first 17 years, it was aimed at members of minority groups who, because of race or ethnicity, had been historically excluded from opportunities in America’s newspaper industry. While the internships are now open to all applicants, the program remains an integral part of The Times’s commitment to recruit and hire as diverse and as highly qualified a staff as possible.

The salary for all internships is about $960 a week. Housing is available on the New York University campus for about $1,000 monthly. The program will begin on Monday, June 2, with a week of orientation to The Times in New York City.

Applications for the 2014 summer internship are accepted beginning June 1, 2013. The deadline to submit an application is 11:59 p.m. New York time on Oct. 31, 2013

The program provides a summer of demanding work and high journalistic standards, with individual internships in reporting, in visual and interactive journalism and in video, and it offers copy-editing internships with placement by the Dow Jones News Fund.

The reporting internship in New York is called the James Reston Reporting Fellowship, and the reporting internship in Washington, D.C. is named the David Rosenbaum Reporting Fellowship. Both are limited to college seniors and graduate students.

The visual journalism program, covering graphics, art design, page design and photography, is called the Thomas Morgan Internship and is open to those in their junior year in college or higher.

The copy editing internship program is coordinated through the Dow Jones News Fund Copy Editing program and is open to juniors and higher.

The digital internship is in the newsroom, working with producers and editors on, and is open to juniors and higher.

The interactive internship, for those who are familiar with one or two front-end or back-end languages and frameworks, involves working alongside developers, designers, and other journalists of The New York Times to build Web applications for coverage of special projects, as well as breaking news. Juniors and higher are eligible to apply.

The video internship offers the opportunity to work with the award-winning journalists of the Times’s video unit of The Times. Juniors and higher are eligible.

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