Jobs with the federal bureau of investigation

28 Aug

General Requirements

CIA employees must be U.S. citizens and at least 18 years old. The backgrounds of CIA employees vary greatly in terms of education and experience. Fluency in a foreign language is usually beneficial and many positions require travel or relocation overseas. Generally, the CIA will not consider applicants who have used illegal drugs within the preceding 12 months of the application date. Drug abuse is the most common reason for denial of a security clearance, which is required for all positions. When considering issuance of a security clearance, a number of factors are considered, including the nature, extent, severity, and recency of past questionable behavior. All CIA employees must submit to regular background re-investigations and periodic polygraph examinations.

Application Process

The CIA’s application process can take a considerable amount of time ranging from two months to over one year. The CIA receives over 10,000 resumes per month. If the agency does not respond to your resume within 45 days, the agency is no longer considering your application. All applicants must pass an extensive background investigation and pass a polygraph examination in which questions will be asked regarding such topics as character, loyalty to the United States, life history, trustworthiness and soundness of judgment. The agency also requires that all applicants undergo medical and psychological examinations. The best method of application is to submit a resume online in response to a specific job vacancy.

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