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27 Oct

Employers Value MBA Internships

September 02, 2010

The internship, which full-time MBA students typically do after their first year in business school, can be very important in shaping your career path. Strategizing now about what kind of internship you will want is just one more way of preparing yourself for success in your MBA program and your post-MBA career.

The Graduate Management Admission Council recently surveyed 690 companies worldwide who hire MBAs. Of the companies that hire MBA interns (62% of those surveyed), roughly three-quarters (74%) said that when they seek to hire new employees, they first interview people who have done MBA internships with them, and then open the field to other candidates. The typical company reported that half its new MBA hires in 2003 would come from its 2002 internship pool.

These survey findings underscore how important MBA internships can be in the quest for post-MBA employment-especially in a weak economy, when employers look for new employees with experience that is directly relevant to the positions they seek to fill.

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