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23 Aug

Continuing Education

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Licensing Regulations

New regulations pertaining to continuing education (CE) course requirements will go into effect January 1, 2014.

DPR staff conducted workshops in Sacramento, Fresno, and Arcadia during December 2013 to provide information about new continuing education regulations. During the workshops staff presented the new regulations and explained how they will affect continuing education sponsors and DPR license and certificate holders.

Continuing Education (CE) Program Mailing Address: DPR has a new P.O. Box dedicated specifically for CE. The intent of using a dedicated P.O. Box is to increase the potential for CE Approval Request Applications to arrive quickly for review. Please use the following address via U.S. Postal Service when mailing in the CE application form, payment, and supplemental materials:

Contact CE:


Sacramento, California 95812

U.S. Postal service is recommended because it eliminates the need for signatures from the ‘recipient’ that a shipping company can require which delays delivery to DPR. Note that DPR will still continue to collect mail from the old P.O. Box number as well, but requests that all CE sponsors use the new address going forward to minimize the number of applications that need to be sorted from the rest of DPR’s mail.

For questions about the CE program:

Fax: 916-324-9006

License Holders

Licenses and certificates cannot be renewed unless the holder has completed certain minimum continuing education hours relating to pesticides or pest management within each two-year license or certificate period.

License or certificate holders with questions should contact the Licensing Program at or by phone at (916) 445-4038. Please note that DPR does not track CE hours obtained by DPR license and certificate holders and all license and certificate holders are required to keep records from CE course sponsors that verify their CE attendance hours. These records are required to be turned in to DPR for license/certificate renewal.

CE Course Sponsors

CE sponsors must submit a $45 fee, a “Continuing education approval request application” form, and a comprehensive course agenda to DPR at least 30 days before the course date. Applications will not be processed without the fee. All CE courses must be approved before the course takes place. Additional fees are not required for course dates and locations when the same DPR-approved agenda is presented. However, sponsors must submit the additional dates and locations to DPR using the “Continuing education additional presentation request”. Information about changes to an approved course agenda, such as date, location, or speaker, must be submitted to DPR, but does not require an additional fee.

Forms and templates for CE course sponsors:

Resources for CE course sponsors:

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