Existing projects will continue to be funded Eif funding

11 Sep

Education Investment Fund


The EIF aims to build a modern, productive, internationally competitive Australian economy by supporting world-leading, strategically-focused infrastructure investments that will transform Australian tertiary education and research.

The EIF has provided funding for projects that create or develop significant infrastructure in higher education, research and vocational education and training institutions.

The EIF is one of three Nation-building funds, along with the Building Australia Fund and the Health and Hospitals Fund.

In response to a recommendation of the Commission of Audit  on the future use of the Nation-building Funds, the Government announced in the 2014-15 Budget that the EIF will be terminated from 1 January 2015 and that no further funding rounds will be held.  Existing projects will continue to be funded.

EIF funding rounds

EIF Regional Priorities Round

Successful projects

Ten projects totalling $292.56 million were approved for funding under the $480 million competitive component of the EIF Regional Priorities Round. The successful projects are listed in the table below.

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